Kamis, 08 Juni 2017


hi, i will tell you about my experience whenn PAMAN GOBER. PAMAN GOBER is the event that is held by SMAN 3 Bandun PAMAN GOBER. PAMAN GOBER organized by one of extrakulikuler at SMAN 3 Bandung.The students should join this event, not only students, teachers can also attend this event. in this event we are obliged to wear a bicycle to around the route has been provide. for student who did not bring bicycle can borrow a bicycle that provided by the school with the regulation appointed. the requested requipment is write the data the school requested.

we start from Lapangan Bali, before we start bicycling we follow opening ceremony first, who led ceremonial is Pa Andang.after finished the ceremony, we are ready to ride. the route we took is started from lapangan bali. we are riding a bicycle toward lapangan belitung toward lapangan belitung, straight up pf five, turn left towards lombok sreet, straight up to enter the citarum street, straight up to enter diponegoro street, turn right enter the supratman street straight so meet the junction of supratman and katamso street, turn left.From the gas station katamso turn right into the terusan cisokan street  and finally we arrived at the planting place, after we arrived at the planting place we gathered at the field first, at the field we do the handover of plants from the school to resident in the area there. in did the planting every class despatch 2 people for a representative. every the representative class required to bring cropping tools, before we start plant we shown example growing up.

After finished the planting we continue cycling to other place, started from where the planting process we countinue riding a bicycle to laswi street, BKR street, moch ramdan street, karapitan street, sumbawa street, and we arrived at kalimantan street.

after arriving in SMAN 3 Bandung, students who borrow the bike must returned the bike that has been borrowed. lending this bicycle not charged any. by the way, the teacher also attend this event. althought very tiring we don't to lose with the teacher, teachers seemed so happy to participate this event.

 It is fun to ride around using bicycle, althought enought weary. a lot of accident that occur when cycling, for example there is a chain bike broken, so that his bicycle must be taken by car.
we are really happy with this events, because with arranging this event we can have often using bicycle. using bicycle a lot of benefit.i am very grateful to this events.

Senin, 27 Maret 2017

dewa Athena

hii, i will tell you about my experience when Dewa Athena. Dewa Athena was held on saturday, 25 march 2017. Dewa Athena was held at Lapngan Bali. there are so many competition can you follow, like futsal, basketball, volleyball, estafet, dodgeball, tarik tambang, and many more.

futsal competition is a games that can be played by woman or men. playing futsal is not much different from play of the games football, my class sent two team, 1 team consist of woman and 1 team consist of men. but who had won just team men.
basketball competititon is a games that can played by 6 people. how to play this games is put the ball into the ring that has been provide. my class sent 1 team consist of men and the team had won the games.
volleyball competition is a games that canplayed by 6 people. how to play this games in this competition just like playing volleyball as usual. my class sent 1 team consist of woman.
dodgeball competition is a games that can played by 6-10 people. how to play this games is avoid the pitch from opponent. my class sent 1 team consist of woman,and we won the competition.
tarik tambang is a games that can played by 10 people. at this games we must pull a rope and defend themself from the pull of opponent. my class sent 1 team, but our team lost.
estafet is a games that can be played by 3 people. how to play this games is running while carrying the stick, and then the stick given to your friend in the relay. my class sent 1 team in this games.
badminton is a games that can be played by 2 people. my class sent 2 team in this games. 1 team consist of 2 men and 1 team consist of 2 woman. at this games, both team can be won .

At this event,  i followed two competition, like dodgeball and tarik tambang.  luckly we won this competition. i was verry happy because i can play with myfriend. with this events i was very happy, because we can play with our friends. this event was held for 1 day. i was very excited for this event.

thanks youu

Selasa, 21 Maret 2017

 Horizontal :

1. the founder is Issac Newton
13. the anthonym of crowded
14. a really small insect
15. you can see many animal
16. when you are hungry in the middle of jungle, do you want to eat meat. what should you do?
12. in english 'selesai'
5. if you just broke up with your soulmate and you get dperesse, what would you do?
17. before you wash, you should .... your clothes.so your clothes will be wet.
18. the question of 5w+iH
19. the liquid in your pen
9. something that you can put many goods.
20. something that you can see in arktik.
21. you will say this, if you want to great someone.

Vertical :
1. the colour of leaf
2. if you went to be healthy. what should you do?
4. what you use tho chew ?
5. the place that you live in
3. conjution
6. the thing that fisherman do
7. 12.00 pm is?
8. the synonym of bewildered
9. one of public trans
10. if you feel falling in love, and your crash is still have a relationship with your bestfriend hat should you do

Senin, 06 Maret 2017

My Mother ( compliment )

I really so happy because i have a great mother.My mother live at Bandung. My mother is a person who make me very proud. her name is Juhaeni,

she is always help me if i was in distress, how a great person she is. my mother always give anything what i want, whatever i want extent possible she achieving. she is always make me happy, for example when holiday come, my mother always take me to place where i want, this is a simple things but i really happy. my mom is a stronget woman i have ever met, althought i always furious her, she is always impatient me, what a patients she is.  my mom always remind me to be kind to someone else. my mother always teach me to be a great person, because if  we treat other well, other will also treat us well..

when me and my mother go to mall, and if we want to buy clothes we always sparred, because the choice of me and my mother always different, and finally we dont buy any. me and my mother always having an oponions that different, that is why we often debate. but if we already know our mistake,we always pardoned each other, my mother always taught me to tolerate each other. my mother taught me a lot. that why

 i really proud of her.

Senin, 27 Februari 2017

Learn From Nature

Hasil gambar untuk nature 

           Nature is where we are, nature  is a gift that God gave to us. We duly obliged to keep the nature, because without nature we can not live. Many people want to interact with nature, because with us to interact directly with nature we can feel directly how God given us the gift of a very beautiful. We can learn a lot from nature, how nature can dispels all existing disaster. Many people live in the nature, but they do not know how the nature should be treated.
Beauty in simplicity is perhaps the most obvious thing we receive from nature. As long as you are receptive to feeling it, and do not just walk on by with your head down and your crowded thoughts in the puzzling world of the mind. Everywhere around us the beauty of nature resounds! When you take a walk, practice quietieng the mind, focussing on your breath and really to smell the roses. There is so much beauty all around us. Take time out to be in nature and experience the vastness and dedpth of the blue green ocean the beauty in the simple and natural things in our environment.
A lot of lessons we can take from nature. From nature we can learn how we should live, for example: water continues to flow through life regardless of whatever is in front of him. how the trees kept standing beside there are strong wind, how forest still trying to remove oxygen even a lot of smoke fumes that interfere, and many more. Nature had given all they had for us, but whether we are giving all we have for nature, I think we have not give all what we have. Maybe everyone thought they had keep nature, but they still do everything that destroys nature, for example many people still smoking and it is smoke ascended ascended natural causes disturbed, a lot of people burn waste in a fact a result of smoke the waste can result in nature damage.
Nature also teaches us to be humble. There is a quiet strenght in humility. It is a not a passive quality. Humility is needed in our everday live in many encounters we have with other. Where most can we see this divine quality in Nature? Just take a good look at the green grass beneath your feet. Grass potrays humility, as countless pairs of feet walk all over it every day. It does not complain or wither away. In fact it usually springs back up, unharmed each time. How wonderful is it to walk barefoot on soft green grass? This is somethinbg that can be very healing to do .
We also can learn to overpower the impossible from mountains. Every human that has taken birth has some purpose of his existence. Our aims are intertwined with these purposes and together there are effort made to succed. When you look at the mountains, another magistec creation of God , the first thought that strikes is the strenght and determination to aim high. These gigantic structures help you discover that imposible is nothing, if you are strong mentally there is nothing that is going to cease you from achieving succes. So dream high and be determined to achive it.
We as humans actually can make changes to nature, we can improve nature with the ways that simple. With a simple things that we do, we can improve nature the place where we live. Simple things that we can do anywhere, for example we can lower cigarette smoke by meand of reducing smooking. By doing the simple things we can improve nature where we live. Do we have done things simple it to fix nature? Of course you have been doing things that simple. Whatever the small things you do, it is can make the nature changes. Nature can makes more you comfortable if nature has been more comfortable. So do the simple thing that make nature more comfortable, and you can feel the change. Do what you can to change the nature and feel the change what nature gave for us.

Senin, 09 Januari 2017

My Holiday

Hasil gambar untuk sawah

last week when my family and i spent our vacation time, we went  to my grandmother house. my grandmother house located in Tasikmalaya. at there a lot of beautiful scenery. one of them is mountain, rice field, and many more. we had purposepul to spent our vacation in grandmother house because we want refres our mind. at grandmother house we can see many kind of scenery and we can play at rice field. not only that we also could eat food very tasty. my aunty, my cousin also live at my grandmother house. for spent our vacation together we have planing to go to sea.

Hasil gambar untuk pangandaran

finally we went to Pangandaran
at Pangandaran  we could play many game. one of them is bicycle,APV, and many more. my family and i played bicycle. we had many experience at there.
we just spent one day our vacation at pangandaran. but my family very happy.

Selasa, 18 Oktober 2016


Fishes are oldest aquatic vertebrates found all over the globe. Nearly 500 million years ago the first fish appeared on the earth. Today fishes make up the largest group of vertebrates with 24,000 species. Fishes have their habitats in lakes, streams, oceans, and estuaries. In 1991 it was estimated that 2546 species of fish populated the world. Out of which 969 belong to genera, 254 families, and 40 orders. Around 80% of fish population around the globe was represented by the Indian fishes. Fishes are capable of living in both fresh and marine water.

Fish has a streamlined body which helps them to move through the water quickly. To keep them safe from the enemies they have dark color on the top and light color on the bottom. They can change color rapidly and reflective cells in their skin discoloration. The size of the fish ranges from an inch to sixteen feet.

Types of fish
Depending upon the habitats and characteristics there are a variety of fish available on the world. Fresh water, tropical, marine, cold water and aquarium fish are the major types of fishes.

Fresh water fish:
These fishes are found in the water bodies such as lakes and rivers in which the salinity is less than 0.05%. About 41 species of the fishes belong to the fresh water habitat. Some of them are bala sharks, betta fish, candiru fish, gold fish, and oscur fish.

Marine fish:
Fishes that are capable of living in the sea water are known as marine fish. About 15,000 species belong to the marine species. Tropical climate is required for most of the marine fish to survive. Every species of the marine creature have their own appearance, environmental needs, nutritional requirements, reproduction capability, and compatibility. Blue whale, dolphin, cuttle fish, jelly fish, loin fish and star fish are the major marine fish species.

Tropical fish:
These fishes require warm and tropical climate to survive. Both freshwater and saltwater species come under this category. Because of their bright coloration they act a popular aquarium fishes. Angel and gold fish are more famous for the aquarium environment.


Question :

1. which one is not include of type fish ?
    a. Fresh water fish
    b.Tropical fish
    c. Marine fish
    d.Gold Fish
2. why fish has a streamlined body ?
    a. To keep them safe from the enemies
    b. To change color rapidly and reflective cells in their skin discoloration.
    c. To helps them to move through the water quickly
    d. To capable of living in both fresh and marine water
3.Which one is true about Fresh water fish ?
    a. Fishes that are capable of living in the sea water
    b.  Tropical climate is required for most of the marine fish to survive
    c.  These fishes require warm and tropical climate to survive
    d.  These fishes are found in the water bodies such as lakes and rivers
4. which one is true about marine fish ?
    a.  The fishes live in fresh water
    b.  The fishes require warm and tropical climate to survive
    c.  These fishes act a popular aquarium fishes
    d.  Fishes are capable of living in the sea water
5. How the fish keep they body from the enemies?
    a.  They have size ranges from an inch to sixteen feet.
    b.  They have dark color on the top and light color on the bottom.
    c.  They have their own appearance, environmental needs, nutritional requirements, reproduction
         capability, and compatibility.
    d.  The fishes capable living in both fresh and marine water